What game engines were the games developed in?

All games on HTML5GameMarket were developed using Construct 3.

What do I get when I purchase a game?

When you purchase a game, you will receive a c3p file (Construct 3 extension) that you can open, edit, and re-export in Construct 3. You will also receive the game already exported to HTML5 in case you don’t want to edit it and want to upload it to your website. Finally, you’ll get documentation explaining step by step how to modify external links, sprites, and a brief explanation of the game’s programming structure.

Are these games complete games?

Yes, all our games are complete and fully functional in all types of web browsers.

Can I edit and sell the game once I purchase it?

Yes, when you purchase the game on HTML5GameMarket, you can use its source code to create as many games as you want and offer them to different clients.

Can I resell the game graphics?

No, you are not authorized to sell the game’s graphic resources. You can only use them to export the game or create other games.

Are there discounts when buying more than one game?

No, currently, we are not offering discounts when purchasing multiple games, as we believe our game prices are fair.

Will there be discounts in the future?

Yes, we will share discount coupons or offer discounts on special dates.